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CIP Systems

Clean product-in-contact surfaces in place

With CIP units, process systems and individual system parts can be cleaned without dismantling them.

Depending on the medium, cleaning is carried out in several stages with different cleaning agents, such as water, lye or acid. We plan and manufacture CIP systems that are optimally adapted to your technical processing requirements.

Cleaning in Place: According to your process requirements

Good advice from the beginning: Our project engineers will assist you throughout the project with comprehensive advice and routine assistance.

In this way, you will quickly receive a ready-to-connect system including process control, mounted on stainless steel frames. Depending on the requirements, the control can be created partially or fully automatically with process visualisation. Integration into existing control systems is possible at any time through bus-compatible components, even at a later date.

CIP Systems Ireland

The steps of a Cleaning in Place (CIP) cleaning process:

  • Pre-rinsing: Remove dirt
  • Cleaning: Lyes (alkaline cleaning agents) are moved through the system components.
  • Flushing out 1: The cleaning medium is flushed out with water.
  • Acidification: Limescale deposits and leachate are removed with the help of acid solutions
  • Flushing out 2: The acid is flushed out with water
  • Disinfecting: Use of disinfectant to kill microorganisms.
  • Flushing out 3: The disinfectant is flushed out with water