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Double Sealing Valves

Double separation is better

KIESELMANN single seat double sealing valve of the KI-DS series score with their modular construction in a modular system which can be extended according to application-specific requirements. The drivers are universally applicable as for the function is either air-to-open/spring-to-close, by simply turning the drivers.

Double sealing valves separate product flows with no risk of mixing at intersection points in piping systems: with a cleaning inlet and leakage drain. The simple, mixproof seat valve version from Kieselmann open and close without any leakage. The single seat valve housing is made from solid stainless steel blocks, this make these double sealing valves extremely durable.

Double Sealing Valves
Double Sealing Valves

Flushing and leakage valves

The sealing function

in the isolation position is provided statically. Any leaks occurring due to damaged piston seals are drained atmospherically to the exterior via the leakage discharge.


is carried out with the valve open. Via the inlet valve, the leakage space between the piston seals can be cleaned or sterilised with the valve closed.


  • A reliable separation of different process mediums
  • Two radial seals integrated in the valve disk
  • Can be extended according to application-specific requirements
  • Air-to-open/spring-to-close function
  • Extremely durable
Double Sealing Valves

Double Separation

Double Sealing Valves

Cleaning inlet and leakage drain

Double Sealing Valves

Double Seal

Double Sealing Valves