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Ball Valves

Full passage for full success

KIESELMANN straight-way ball valves provide pipe-level, piggable passages for liquid, viscous and particulate media. They are ideal for a wide range of applications: from syrups to highly sensitive pharmaceuticals. Our hygienic ball valves are also available with flushing connections and heating jacket.

Strong, hygienic valve technology for processing viscous or particulate media. 3-way, 1 target: optimal media control

Safe, robust and flexible: Three-way ball valves from KIESELMANN offer you additional options for process control.

Ball Valves
ball valve

Gap-free housing sealing
by pressure rings

The best solution for every requirement

KIESELMANN three-way ball valves have been used successfully in the beverage and food industry for many years.

KIESELMANN ball valves are easily adaptable:
Our intelligent modular system makes it easy to switch from a manual lever to an automated, pneumatic actuator at any time. The actuators of the ball valves can be equipped with a sensor or control head.

Safe, robust and flexible: Three-way ball valves from KIESELMANN offer you additional options for process control.


  • Robust, designed to be easy to install
  • Spring preloaded shaft seal
  • Piggable
  • Optionally with flushing connections or heating jacket
  • Pressure shock-resistant
  • Gap-free housing seal
Ball Valve

Valve with heating jacket

Ball Valves

Three-way ball valve

Ball Valves

Straight way ball valve

Ball Valves