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Valve Manifolds

Germ-free manifolds for aseptic connections

Aseptic valve manifolds from KIESELMANN are optimised control systems for highly sensitive media in fully automatic process systems.

With aseptic valve manifolds, controlling media can be carried out in a sterile and clear manner – even in confined spaces.

Precisely tailored to your processes, the KIESELMANN engineering department develops tailor-made, aseptic valve manifolds. The control can be carried out via pneumatic actuators with position detectors, as well as via a bus system with KIESELMANN control heads.

KIESELMANN control heads give your process control additional security. They are available with end position feedback and emergency stop function.

Valve Manifolds Ireland
Kieselmann Valve Manifolds Ireland


  • Space-saving
  • Process reliability
  • Individually designed and constructed
  • Aseptic, germ free
  • Highest hygiene safety

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